Валенсия — Бетис

27 апреля (Сб) в 14:00 (исп)

Барселона — Валенсия

5 мая (Вс) в 18:30 (исп)

Валенсия — Алавес

примерно 12 мая

Валенсия — Райо

примерно 19 мая

Валенсия — Жирона

примерно 26 мая

Сельта — Валенсия



up:ТАК, УМНИКИ! эта тема создана для разговоров с забугорными товарищами, а не для любителей попиздеть на английском для понтов!
за всякие хелло май нейм из паша и другие выепоны буду особенно жесток. мое дело предупредить
I'll do my best. I want this post. I want to know about foreign supporters, especially russian supporters. moreover I can't write in the other posts because my russian is still really bad. Although I think not many people speaks spanish here. It is easier to me to write in Spanish but i prefear more people to understand and maybe most of you understand english.
Don't be affraid to write here if your english is not good. mine is not so good but we can understand each others.
dude -)
we have some people able to speak fluent or even better spanish -) but there are much more peolpe able to speak and read on english!
so you are extremely right! -)
for da first time - can you tell us some new events during the small rest in La Liga?
Actually I can't say a lot of news of our team these days. Fortunatelly we have a good team and that means to have a lot of international players. Now there are no important news in Valencia.
I just can say that people in Valencia is angry with Quique. Nobody wants him here. But nobody says many things because results are not very bad (yet).
— grilledActually I can't say a lot of news of our team these days. Fortunatelly we have a good team and that means to have a lot of international players playing with their national teams. Now there are no important news in Valencia.
I just can say that people in Valencia is angry with Quique. Nobody wants him here. But nobody says many things because results are not very bad (yet).
Aldarus, I'm sorry, but Quique will continue in Valencia if things are not really really really bad. If Soler does not change his mind soon people will begin to see him like a guilty. He doesn't want problems with media and at the moment he wants Quique to continue. Aldar, you'll have to wait....
thank you brow! Of course aldarus told me about your team. I watched the goal:)
Lorens, i didn't mentione ukranian fans because i don't know anyone from Ukrania, but of course i like to see that our team arrives to your country)
the ideal situation considering a final clash in moscow next year seems to be impossible...
and the difference is that it is not the movie with tom cruise and it is not the adidas advertisement....
if it is we ll gather alltogether in one burst of inspiration and exctasy! -)))
Alicante (Segunda B) - Real Madrid
Denia (Segunda B) - Sevilla
Real Union Irun (Segunda B) - Valencia
Alcoyano (Segunda B) - Barcelona
Burgos (Segunda B) - Getafe
Pontevedra (Segunda B) - Zaragoza
Las Palmas (Segunda) - Villarreal
Granada 74 (Segunda) - Atletico
Elche (Segunda) - Betis
Malaga (Segunda) - Racing
Xerez (Segunda) - Recreativo
Hercules (Segunda) - Athletic
Espanyol - Deportivo
Levante - Almeria
Valladolid - Murcia
Osasuna - Mallorca

That's the draw for next match of spanish cup (4th round). matches will be on november 13rd and january 2nd, but 1st match can be changed to 12nd or 19th of december if some team has some player in international matches.

Hello! I'm very glad to see you! I'm from Armenia, and i was in Valencia 2 years ago my uncle lives in Cullera(near from Valencia),at that time I have gone on a match Valencia-Roma (Trofeo Naranja).In Armenia we have not enough fans of Valencia, but in Valencia it is a lot of Armenians))
— Baha
— grilledwhat foreign people think about koeman¿??

Now I think that it was Soler`s mistake to invite Kuman. For me it would be better to invite another coach. We lost our game, its so pitty.

Would do you mean by better? and which coach exactly you would recommend at that time? do you remember who was ready work in Valencia?
Hi valencianistas))
As someone knows in this forum, I went to Barcelona last week to support Valencia at Camp Nou. At the beggining I didn't wanna go, because 4 or 5 hours by bus is too much but i decided to go. I knew i was going to enjoy with my friends and my team.
Actually, our bus was very boring. Nobody was singing there. Only the last row, where i was with my friends. In the first stop, we bought some rum and coke and we started to drink to do that bus better and we drunk rum until arriving to Barcelona. I think all the people in the bus hate us because we were singing and laughing during all the trip. It was really funny. At least the last row enjoyed the trip.
Finnaly we arrived to Barcelona and many people there insulted us. It was funny, I was sure that my team was going to play a good match, so I could laugh when the insult)
I have to tell that Camp Nou is incredible...Mestalla is big, but Camp Nou...The only problem of it is that this stadium is in Cataluña. During the match we were singing without rest and as far as I know people could hear us on TV, so it is to be proud, because we were around 1000 in a stadium of almost 100000 people.
When I travel with VCF I just want to enjoy and I don' care about the score (as the song) so I was not upset with this 1-1. I know it could be better, but it is not bad.
After the match, we had to wait 20 minutes to go out from the stadium and when we do it, problems started. Valencia's supporters were walking to the bus (withouth police protection) and suddenly, i saw 100 hundred valencianistas in front of me running to me. I decided to turn back and run more than them (in Spain we say: ''gay the last''). I asked what was happening and they answer that boixos were waiting for us. Fortunatelly nothing happened. Police went with us to the bus and we started our way to Valencia.
But the trip had not finnished yet. When we passed the toll to use the highway, the bus broke down. The driver broke the gear box. We had to stop and we were there, in the middle of the highway to 7am. Catalan police didn't help us and we had to wait a bus from Valencia to pick us up and take us to our city. It was the 1st time that I was in stopped in the highway for this reason, and noone help us there!! It was so strange to be in the highway without nothing to do and unknown people...but i had fun there. I'm sorry for the others because they didn't enjoy like me ans my friends, but I don't care.
Finnaly, I arrived home at 11am...really tired but expecting for the next match against Barcelona))
See you in Madrid, or wherever, but in the final))
— grilledDefinitelly I got a ticket for the final! I hope to see a good match...I know that is difficult but players don't play finals everyday and I think they will play a good match. I trust in Joaquin and Marchena next wednesday...

wish u pleasant aftermatch emotions!
я читал, но зачем такое писать было про Кумана? игнорить тупо? я не хочу.
мне Рональд не нравился никогда, но подобные сообщения - низость.
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